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TVXQ split, fan wars (short version)


Come this way JYJ biased, HoMin biased and Ot5 fans alike! This is the short version, written for an assignment at uni. Long version might take me months to write, but if you're interested - just ask :) 

In August 2009, after more than 6 years of being an active Korean boyband in Asia, TVXQ split up.

Three members sued their company SM entertainment for unfair contracts and set out to make their own separate group JYJ. The remaining two members – Yunho and Changmin chose to stay under the company and keep making music as TVXQ. The group's split left a big impression on millions of fans around Asia.

For the first few months following the members' separation, fans stuck together. However, as a natural progression of a boyband split, the fandom soon started to split as well. Many fans chose a side – JYJ or a now two member TVXQ. This blog entry is dedicated to my view on choosing sides and whether it's the right approach in such a case as this.

Since JYJ sued their company on the basis of their human rights, the majority of fans migrated to their side, claiming JYJ as 'victims' and passionately defending them all over the internet. The other two members - Yunho and Changmin (as they will be referred to from here on), were subsequently blamed for not joining their fellow friends in the lawsuit and often verbally attacked in person for it.

Even though the first time I listened to TVXQ was almost a year after their split, I was introduced to a five member group via albums, DVDs etc. When I later on got into the legal drama and fans' opinions of it, I still had a hard time relating to most fans. I wasn't and still aren't eager to choose a side, because I like all five members a lot.

When we take a look at the cold, hard facts – TVXQ consisted of 5 adult men, capable of making their own choices and decisions. To view JYJ as victims, incapable of taking care of themselves is irrational and slightly insulting. Any self respecting human being likes to be viewed as someone who can stand on their own two feet. To treat Yunho and Changmin as some sort of criminals is needless and definitely offensive. As people with free will, they had the choice to not follow their band mates in legal battle against their company.

It's currently 2011 and fans still argue who is to blame for TVXQ's split. Such debates are said to be in favour of the group itself, as fans believe it will somehow help their idols. I, however, think that pointing fingers in any direction is unnecessary. In the end of the day, it is the fans that are preventing their favourite celebrities from moving on with their lives. Since both groups are separately creating material now, fans might want to consider supporting them in their new endeavours instead of bringing up painful past issues.

Realistically, there is a limit to how informed a fan can be about celebrity-oriented events. That is even more relevant when it comes to legal debates. Either way, our favourite idols don't need more opinions but love. And as love is something Yunho, Changmin and JYJ all deserve, I think we should give it to them. After all, isn't that what fans are for?
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